I am an author and editor who also excels at design work for eBooks, journals, marketing and websites. Please email to discuss your publishing and marketing projects and visit my new web hone at MJACOBI.com.
I am the author of Animal Planet's Tarantulas, former proprietor of Chicago Reptile, Jacobi Herpetoculture, The Frog Sanctuary, The Living Terrarium and Spider Shoppe, Michael Jacobi's SPIDERSHOPPE and Tarantulas.com, and creator of The Tarantula Bibliography and ARACHNOCULTURE E-ZINE. I also am the former general manager (2007-2012) of Northwest Zoological Supply outside of Seattle. I am an author, photographer, naturalist, educator and breeder with vast arachnid and reptile experience. I now focus on nature travel and photography, and am fully retired from the exotic pet industry and my former roles in arachnoculture and herpetoculture. My 33 years as a seller and breeder of arachnids, reptiles and exotic pets have come to an end. I enjoyed a long career working with tarantulas, venomous snakes, boid snakes, geckos and dart frogs. Today, I spend my time traveling and doing field work. I currently am available as a freelance writer, editor, InDesign layout designer, or for graphic, web or marketing design projects.

For sixteen years Exotic Fauna had been my primary internet home. It is now supplemented by MJACOBI.com. With a four decade immersion in both herpetoculture and arachnoculture, I've had many projects along the way. Today ExoticFauna.com is a vehicle for Exotic Fauna Media and my writing and ePubs. Throughout 2017 new eBooks will be made available here for a nominal fee. When I created ExoticFauna.com in 2000 I was still publishing my World of Atheris site, which was a web monograph on the African vipers of the Atherini tribe (e.g., bush vipers). In 2005, I launched The Tarantula Bibliography. I wanted to catalog all of the world's tarantula species while providing much more than found at the World Spider Catalog. Whereas the WSC was updated three or four times a year, I strived to revise the TB every month and keep much more current on revisions and newly described species. I also wanted to provide bibliographic citations that incorporated society journals and hobby publications and created a compendium of references. After eleven years, I do not have the desire to continue the project. Recently the new World Spider Catalog became a much better database-driven website, and I direct you there to keep up on changes in theraphosid taxonomy. The Tarantula Bibliography is now gone like the World of Atheris. Many hours were put into these resources, but eventually the effort wasn't something I chose to maintain.

Since 2006, I have traveled the world in search of invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles and other exotic fauna to observe and photograph. Before then I did the same throughout the breathtaking and diverse terrain of the United States. My travels will continue and be documented by my trusty Nikons. However, I am now fully retired from herpetoculture and arachnoculture and do not wish to maintain The Tarantula Bibliography and other ExoticFauna.com features. The sliver of effort I shall maintain in the tarantula hobby is all directed to my work as British Tarantula Society Editor (Journal of the British Tarantula Society and the BTS Newsletter) and North American Coordinator. Writing and editing have always been my fortes. Click here for an abridged list of my publications. My involvement in the reptile hobby has completely ceased.

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